Doron Luder

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I have known Mike since our days in Rackspace together, and have always admired his sales process and methodical approach to deal execution.  Not only was Mike always happy to share his knowledge and passion with others around him, but his ethical standards were always present in his own example and in the knowledge that he shared.  I always keep an open eye out for his new posts and articles, and continue to benefit from his mentoring style.

Sam Oresanya

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Michael’s approach to sales is quite impressive and he introduced me to the world of MEDDPIC qualification and value selling methodology. Michael has supported and coached me in my sales career and I value his expertise when making key decisions to progress in my sales journey.

Alex Downham

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It was a pleasure working with Mike, he brought extra energy and collaboration to the team. As a student of the Sales Profession, his experience and wisdom means he’s able to offer practical advice and unique perspectives. It’s no surprise that he’s now ventured into a sales coach and one who is passionate about helping others.

Chris Norfolk

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Mike is a rare bread of salesman who has a level of integrity not often seen and will work so closely with his client to truly understand their business needs and will only offer a solution if it meets that criteria, which enables him to build fantastic rapport with them.

Moheit Walia

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Mike and I have been friends and colleagues for over a decade. I’ve always admired his inherent ability to simplify some very complex tasks. He is a numbers/metrics driven sales expert, and his maniacal focus on planning and execution has seen him achieve consistency over the years.

Zarrar Butt

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Mike Adonteng has over 20 years of experience in the realm of sales and a unique ability to mentor and coach people to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for a credible, disciplined and highly successful sales professional and coach, be sure that Mike is the best person to help you achieve your big hairy audacious sales goals! I have personally benefited from working with Mike which has led me to be a better sales professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

John Hammond

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A pleasure to be around, a consumate professional and true gent, it was a pleasure working with Michael. He is hugely influential in the adoption of new ideas, he understood and accepted that responsibility and made sure that he learnt everything he could at any opportunity to improve himself and the team around him.

One of the most exciting talents I have worked with in recent years.