At Ovule consulting, we believe that behind every successful person is someone of good character.
We help create success through effective sharing of best practices and ideas, mentoring, coaching and strategies in how to help you become your best self. 
We just happen to be sales professionals and therefore leverage that as a channel.
Our coaches have a varied express all industries and geographies. We share common values which guides our way of doing business internally and externally.

Have you ever had the feeling of not maximizing your full potential, or put simply, not having the right coaches and mentors in every area of your life to help you in achieving your purpose and life goals?
Or do you ever have the feeling of an entrepreneurial guru trapped inside of you, yet still unable to unleash this potential? 

Our founder’s parents are both of Ghanaian heritage. Mum and dad got married not long after meeting in London, they had a fairy tale wedding and to this day he’s still touched when he look’s at their glamorous photos. They decided to relocate to Ghana when he was very young and he spent most of his childhood growing up in the sunshine in Ghana, and returned to London to complete college and university. He’s ever so indebted to his parents for letting him experience life in Ghana since, it has taught him authentic culture and also helped him build a level of understanding and appreciation.

Given his story, he’s always looking for ways to live a life whereby he can be of value to others, and in achieving this they will notice that he value’s them and subsequently help inspire them.

While growing up in Ghana, he witnessed his parents go through difficult times. He wasn’t privileged, basics such as nice clothing and footwear or entertainment with friends were limited. From more successful and affluent times in London ( by his parents ) to the complete opposite in Ghana, these experiences had a profound impact on his perception of things and also helped shape his character. Witnessing his parents divorce at 12 years old and his dad passing when he was just 15 meant the he had to be more responsible.

Whether through serendipity or careful planning he found himself in a sales role straight after college. It began with a role he undertook when he was 18 and noticing he was indirectly selling to customers but with no recognition, he inadvertently found himself in a sales role not long after that.

Throughout university, he was managing his studies with a sales role within the telecoms industry, and this is where his real selling career began and he’s never looked back! We are constantly involved with selling our resources such as time, products, knowledge, status, ego and ultimately ourselves which means we all have an innate ability to sell.

Having been at the fore front of the mobile transformation, the evolution of cloud computing and the perks that came with it was an era that he very much enjoyed. He has since been fortunate to work for several technology giants within the IT industry ( Salesforce, Oracle, Rackspace & Medallia ) and built a fountain of knowledge and contacts whom he engages with on a regular basis.